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ReactJS Development

Building advanced web applications

React is one of the most efficient frontend tools for advanced web application development. It has a variety of indisputable benefits, like component-based architecture, lightweight DOM, and many others.

Our team is specialized in creating well-optimized and error-free web applications with tailor-made UIs.

Faster rendering
Faster rendering

Virtual DOM makes ReactJS the fastest when developing heavy loaded and dynamic software solutions

Stable code
Stable code

Structure of data binding allows to make any changes to a certain object guaranteeing general code stability and great app performance

50+ projects
50+ projects

and successful cases on ReactJS

Saves time & money
Saves time & money

Due to the code reusability, React comes first when speaking of budget and project deadline estimation

SEO friendly
SEO friendly

Can render a webpage for search engines


Our list of achievements has 50+ projects in React

Open Academy

Open Academy

An e-learning platform for entrepreneurs for one of the largest banks in Russia - Otkritie.

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    Service questions

    Why React as the frontend technology?

    At the moment, old approaches in front-end development are a thing of the past. A very large percentage of modern sites are assembled using various frameworks and libraries. React is one of the technologies in this series.

    React is highly flexible for developing complex application architectures and succinct for simple solutions. One of the advantages of using React in HuskyJam is the ability to use approaches and best practices in the development of mobile applications in React Native. This allows us to offer our customers excellent deadlines and budgets for the implementation of their projects.

    Among other things, the experience of our team is not limited to React only. HuskyJam managed to implement dozens of projects on both Vue and Angular of different versions.

    Will there be problems with indexing by search engines and in SEO if the site is developed on React?
    Do you work in "out staff" format?

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