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React Native Development

Why React Native

React Native is a state-of-the-art cross-platform mobile development technology created and supported by Facebook.

It is great for projects where rapid development is needed when creating an MVP mobile product, as well as mobile applications not overloaded with animations, and for applications without a lot of graphics. The speed and cost-effectiveness of applications on React Native are comparable to native applications, and for some tasks, React Native shows better performance.

Applications on this technology are made by the world's largest giants such as Facebook, Tesla, SoundCloud, Uber, and Walmart.

iOS + Android
iOS + Android

One code for two platforms

1.8 Times Faster
1.8 Times Faster

on average, less time is required to develop a project on both platforms than with native development

Large Community
Large Community

Popular all over the world with a large number of ready-made solutions to speed up development


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    Which applications is React Native suitable for?

    This technology is excellent for many types of applications. It can be used to implement both - a simple informational application and an application with complex logic. React Native is excellent for implementing MVP mobile applications because the development speed of the application is significantly higher than the development of two versions of a native application for each platform.

    At HuskyJam, we will help you make the right choice based on the goals of your project and the current business context.

    Write to us or send an application for project evaluation in the form below by clicking on the "Estimate project" button and we will be happy to advise you for free.

    Is there any difference with native mobile development?
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