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Python Development

How do we use Python

Python is an excellent modern programming language that is used by hundreds of well-known brands to solve its tasks of digitalization and business automation.

This technology has a wide community of developers around the world, which expands the possibilities of using professional developments to speed up the development of the backend. Python is especially popular for developing machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.

We at HuskyJam really love this technology and use it as the basis for the development of diverse backend applications. Our team has many years of experience working with this technology, hundreds of developments and hundreds of completed projects using Python.

Django \ Flask \ Tornado
Django \ Flask \ Tornado

The main frameworks we use


Experience in implementing data processing and analysis projects

100+ projects
100+ projects

Implemented in Python. From simple sites to distributed systems

Gitlab + Docker
Gitlab + Docker

Often used bundles for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Unit tests 100%
Unit tests 100%

All projects are covered by unit tests by default


Dozens of completed projects


Our list of achievements has 100+ projects in Python



Mobile Fitness Assistant


Areas of our projects

  • Ecommerce
    2 projects
  • Education
    4 projects
  • Automotive
    8 projects
  • Healthcare
    3 projects

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    Service questions

    Why Python and not another programming language?

    Python is one of the most popular programming languages for web development at the present moment, and its popularity is growing every year. This is especially because big data processing technologies and the development of artificial intelligence are gaining popularity. Python is suitable for these tasks like nothing better.

    Plus, Python has a fairly concise syntax and this greatly speeds up development and the usefulness of development time.

    On our blog, you can find an article comparing Python and other popular development technology.

    Do you have experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence?
    Do you write unit tests?
    Do you work in "out staff" format?

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    A new level of automation of business processes, analytics, predictions.
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