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Web design and development solutions

Modern web applications are not just your company face on Internet, it can also be a great tool to make your business grow, no matter it is a simple website implementation for a small business or a complex platform for a big enterprise.

Custom website development, built from scratch by experienced web developers and designers, allows you to solve your business problems, and above all, gives you the opportunity to differ from the other companies in the market favorably. It's really possible to turn your creative ideas into a functional reality.

HuskyJam’s team of IT experts possess a respected expertise in both web design and development solutions. We build websites that become revolutionary business tools. We use cutting-edge technologies to turn your idea into a profit-generating web platform, and also to many other business tools based on web technologies.

As a web development services company, we keep up with the technologies in frontend and backend, track trends like using cloud services or AMP in web development, build both classic web applications and mobile-first sites, that’s why we offer our customers up-to-date solutions. In addition to building efficient and scalable enterprise web applications, we also help organizations with migration or integration.

We respect your deadlines and budget expectations. If you need a website that will be way ahead of those of your competitors, we’re here to help at every stage of the developing process. Create your online business with HuskyJam’s web development services!

Fully Tested
Fully Tested

To ensure the highest quality of our projects, we always perform split-level testing

100% User-Focused
100% User-Focused

We start web application development from UX analysis to ensure that the platforms we build perfectly meet the expectations of end-users

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

We design websites that fit all devices - smartphones, tablets, PCs, and more!

200+ Projects
200+ Projects

From classic websites to multi-component e-commerce platforms, our portfolio features more than 200 successful cases


We have great experience in building SEO-effective websites for a variety of clients in different industries


Our team of developers is well-experienced in a wide range of leading web technologies so we can offer the most appropriate and cost-efficient IT solution upon your request


Our list of achievements has 200+ web projects



Development of a web platform for a BeautyTech startup from scratch

6 mo.
from scratch
features delivered
2 new
options of monetization invented

Areas of our projects

  • Education
    4 projects
  • Ecommerce
    2 projects
  • Automotive
    8 projects
  • Healthcare
    3 projects

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    Service questions

    How much does it cost and how long does it take to develop a website?

    As a service provider, we begin with the concept and a detailed description of website or application functionality, that show how many hours our team will spend doing the best website in your market.

    It’s not a couple of weeks story, usually, it takes 1-2 months to develop an MVP and then several months to finalize web design and web development.

    Before we start a project we fix the deadline and estimate the budget that is indisputable for us.

    What is your expertise in web development?
    When all is done, can I make changes myself?
    Where the website will be hosted?
    My budget is limited. Does it mean that I’ll have the basic landing page and it’s all?
    Is there any custom solutions for e-commerce website that I can order?

    We also do great

    Our team is a team of technical experts that seamlessly integrates into the Client’s work processes and helps to close work blocks in the directions:

    Python Development

    Use modern technology in backend development to accelerate the digitalization of your ideas

    ReactJS Development

    Modern professional approach to front-end development

    Machine Learning Development

    A new level of automation of business processes, analytics, predictions,

    and a new angle of development.

    Free estimation in 24 hours
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