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A new level of automation of business processes, analytics, predictions, and a new angle of development.

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Machine Learning Development

Machine Learning Solutions

Today, modern business is inconceivable without Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is already present in many companies, and this is undoubtedly the future of the development of business technologies and processes.

Machine learning and deep learning now make possible solving a wide range of problems. This includes influencing business models, radically revising the approach to education, automating data analysis, and finding new insights that were previously impossible to conceive of with old methods.

The possibility of increasing the likelihood of predicting certain events allows us to completely rethink businesses and build new approaches.

Predictive algorithms
Predictive algorithms

Analysis and probabilistic algorithms for predicting user behavior and preferences

Big Data analytics
Big Data analytics

Finding patterns and revealing insights in large volumes of composite data

Computer vision
Computer vision

Pattern recognition and identification, in photos and videos

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Solutions for Analytics, Data Management, and simulation for automated Decision Making

Smart chatbots
Smart chatbots

For popular instant messengers, sites, and mobile applications

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

Recognition of texts, identification of meanings and generation of texts indistinguishable from human


Our list of achievements

Open Academy

Open Academy

An E-learning platform for entrepreneurs for one of the largest banks in Russia - Otkritie.

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    Experience in solving what class of issues and projects using machine learning do you have?

    HuskyJam team has strong expertise in the development and integrating solutions based on Machine Learning. We implemented projects in the field of pattern recognition and computer vision, big data analysis and identifying patterns in them, predictive systems based on big data, scoring algorithms using neural networks, building analytical systems and other solutions.

    What can be improved in business with machine learning solutions?
    What is the difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?
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