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CRM Development Services

Get to know customers better, communicate more accurately

In today's world, the cost of a new customer often far exceeds the cost of maintaining contact with an existing customer. In other cases, when the duration of the client's product selection and purchase decisions is quite long, it is extremely difficult to catch the moment and focus on offering the right product to the client, and then calculate the cost of attracting such customers.

In order to effectively build this process in the company, all kinds of CRM solutions and systems of marketing automation are used. Whether it's out-of-box products or custom CRM development.

Depending on your business processes and goals, our team can help build your company a holistic modern approach to working with the customer base. From business process analysis and strategy development to IT solutions architecture design that perfectly describes your features and is precisely targeted to your goals.

Tailored-made systems
Tailored-made systems

Exactly to your processes and expectations

Big Data analytics
Big Data analytics

Finding patterns and revealing insights in large volumes of heterogeneous data

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Solutions for Analytics, Data Management, and simulation for automated Decision Making

Hybrid solutions
Hybrid solutions

The perfect combination of ready-made products and customized solutions for the Client

External integrations
External integrations

We set up the necessary integrations with a variety of third-party systems needed for your client database process

Marketing automation
Marketing automation

Development of customer communication architecture based on the principles of individualization and variability


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Open Academy

Open Academy

An e-learning platform for entrepreneurs for one of the largest banks in Russia - Otkritie.

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    How can you help with CRM implementation and development?

    We provide a full range of services for the development of CRM solutions, their implementation, and support. We can be useful in the following:

    • Development of CRM strategy and communication strategy with customers and prospects
    • Working out the customer journey
    • Designing the IT solution architecture required to support all CRM activities
    • IT infrastructure development: from configuration and integration of ready-made solutions to the development of custom systems exactly for your business processes
    • Setting up end-to-end analytics, user profiling. Both on the basis of generally accepted ready-made products and using modern approaches based on elements of artificial intelligence
    • Development of a content communication strategy and tactical implementation of this strategy
    • Maintenance and support of CRM activities after implementation
    • Training and workshops for your team

    We also do great

    Our team is a team of technical experts that seamlessly integrates into the Client’s work processes and helps to close work blocks in the directions:

    Machine Learning Development

    A new level of automation of business processes, analytics, predictions.
    Neoteric vector of development.

    Web Development

    Creating pro-level websites and web applications

    Mobile App Development

    Best-in-class mobile app development services

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