IT Editor

IT Editor

Moscow / Warsaw / remote

with an understanding of the IT market and technology, with knowledge of marketing, and with a broad outlook

Essential skills:

If you are positive and communicative, you have an understanding of modern technology and marketing, and know-how:

  • build an article from a set of theses, which is logical in thought, in competent Russian and English.
  • write in different styles
  • case analysis
  • talk to the introverts who know the subject in detail
  • write beautifully in English at a level almost indistinguishable from native
  • analyze company initiatives, market, trends, and competitors
  • promise to send a letter in a week and do so
  • generate topics for articles/interviews
  • understand new / incomprehensible things / technologies

you have a good chance of becoming part of our friendly team.

What to do / responsibilities:

  • Communicate with authors/copywriters of articles on technology and digital marketing topics.
  • Proofreading and editing of articles, selection of graphic materials for them
  • Management of preparation and release of materials on the company’s website and social networks
  • To analyze topics for future publications
  • Interact with the marketing team

We offer:

  • Work remotely on a convenient schedule. You can move around the world, communicate with your team from anywhere in the world.
  • Working with an experienced team that has something to tell and show to the world.
  • We are not greedy about “learning new things”, we give it time and we understand that technologies and tools are moving forward, and the team must keep up with them and constantly learn.
  • We work with clients from Europe, the USA, and Russia.
  • We develop our projects and products.
  • Working with us is difficult and interesting.
  • Influencing our existing processes and creating new ones — we are always open to great ideas.

These aren’t the job offers
you’re looking for?


We are pleased to offer

Flexible work schedule
We provide an opportunity for our employees to work with a flexible schedule if necessary. For study, personal affairs, part-time work.
Possibility of a remote work
If you want, you can work from anywhere, the main thing is that there is fast Internet and this does not affect the work process. We travel a lot ourselves and cannot imagine the modern world without these opportunities. Moreover, this enriches the team with new knowledge, impressions and understanding of different cultures.
Modern technologies and development methodologies
The world is developing rapidly and new technologies and methodologies are appearing every day. We as a team strive to constantly improve our knowledge and skills, and try new approaches in development.
Experienced like-minded team
The average experience in our team in the industry is 7 years. We help each other grow and help develop the businesses of our Clients. The experience of our team and its versatility make it possible to enrich each other and achieve the effect of synergy.
Challenging and interesting tasks
We love complex and non-standard tasks that make our Clients business better and allow us to keep abreast, develop our creativity and improve our skills. We select for each team interesting and slightly more complex tasks that gradually lead to professional growth of a person.
Learning New
Self-improvement is one of our core values. We are open to new knowledge and help our team grow. Courses, workshops, webinars, various kinds of educational events are what we are trying to add more and more to our professional life.