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Flexible work schedule
We provide an opportunity for our employees to work with a flexible schedule if necessary. For study, personal affairs, part-time work.
Possibility of a remote work
If you want, you can work from anywhere, the main thing is that there is fast Internet and this does not affect the work process. We travel a lot ourselves and cannot imagine the modern world without these opportunities. Moreover, this enriches the team with new knowledge, impressions and understanding of different cultures.
Modern technologies and development methodologies
The world is developing rapidly and new technologies and methodologies are appearing every day. We as a team strive to constantly improve our knowledge and skills, and try new approaches in development.
Experienced like-minded team
The average experience in our team in the industry is 7 years. We help each other grow and help develop the businesses of our Clients. The experience of our team and its versatility make it possible to enrich each other and achieve the effect of synergy.
Challenging and interesting tasks
We love complex and non-standard tasks that make our Clients business better and allow us to keep abreast, develop our creativity and improve our skills. We select for each team interesting and slightly more complex tasks that gradually lead to professional growth of a person.
Learning New
Self-improvement is one of our core values. We are open to new knowledge and help our team grow. Courses, workshops, webinars, various kinds of educational events are what we are trying to add more and more to our professional life.

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Yes, we are considering candidates for internships for open vacancies and developers for our technology stack.

Please use the form above on this page to send your CV and message on the topic of an internship.

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