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Guide on How to Choose React JS Development Company

hire react js development company

There are several platforms available for creating user interfaces, but React JS has grown in prominence in a far shorter period of time. According to Builtwith, React is the sixth most popular among the Top 10,000 websites in the JavaScript Library category, with over 1 million sites using it. 

This data shows that an increasing number of developers, tech companies, and clients are embracing the JavaScript-based frontend and UI development tool. The ease of use, flexibility, and functionality it provides in creating an interactive UI, whether for a website or a mobile application, are driving its growing adoption and popularity.

React JS is an open-source JavaScript repository that enables developers to add or customize certain interactive functionalities in the frontend of a web project without having to code or build from scratch. 

But React is only a tool or a deposit of several frontend development elements that become useless in the wrong hands. See it this way, having different colors of paints at your disposal would not automatically create a beautiful artwork until a good artist creatively applies the paints to make something beautiful. The point is, to get the best of this tool, it has to be wielded and applied by an expert and creative React JS development company. 

As a software development company with over six years of experience, HuskyJam's experts will demonstrate how to choose a React js development company, which platforms to use for hiring, and the steps involved in the process. 

Before we continue, click to learn more about our JS react development services.

How to Choose the best fit React JS development company

Choosing a React JS development company to carry out your digital projects can be difficult because many developers and tech firms claim to be React JS experts. Don't be swayed by advertisements and proposals; here are some other important factors to consider before hiring a React JS development company.

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Decide on the Request

The first things to put on the table are your needs and requests; many people make the mistake of first choosing a developer before considering what they want. There are varying angles to React JS development, and you would want to ensure that your choice developer can deliver based on your unique need and request.

You know what you want better than any other person, so it's best that you first define them and clearly interpret these needs in writing; it would guide you when checking through the profiles and catalogs of various companies. And also while conducting interviews.

Check for Portfolios  

Nothing convinces more than a portfolio of evidence of successful similar projects executed in the past. It makes you know what to expect and gives you the confidence to either go ahead with a company or seek other alternatives. In essence, always ask for a portfolio and, if possible, verify the authenticity of the portfolio.

Interview React JS Developers

By now, you should know that a React JS developer is a JavaScript expert or someone who uses JavaScript architecture to develop digital ecosystems. This implies that a React JS developer would execute your projects based on React JS. And if someone Is going to work for you, you must conduct an interview to know if they fit into the project, work with your team and deliver effectively.

Having someone join your team should not be based strictly on technical skills and abilities, although these are very important. But also important is the person's personal qualities and interpersonal relationship skills. In the formal world, these are referred to as hard skills and soft skills.

Review the Technology Stack

A technology stack is what forms the work system or systemic approach of a developer company. It comprises tools, programs, and other relative additions deployed in developing a website or application. You must enquire about and review the work systems, approach, and tech stack of a prospective company. It will help you determine if they are a good fit and have the required tools for your project.

Read our guide on the technology stack that is best suited for software development.

Compare Offers

Do not review offers and proposals distinctly and individually; rather, compare them across the various companies you must have listed out. That way, you would know who makes an overall better offer. The truth is different companies may have different core strengths and approaches; this is why you need to compare offers to know which suits your needs and requests better.


Web and software development can sometimes be expensive, and everyone would appreciate the opportunity to save some money from every deal. However, cheaper may sometimes mean mediocre, and expensive doesn't always mean better. There's no hard and fast rule as to deciding based on pricing. Nonetheless, you can still compare the total offers based on the other yardsticks previously mentioned alongside the pricing before deciding on the best fit.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a React JS Development Company in 2021?

Like earlier established, pricing differs according to various factors, including location, experience, reputation, duration of the project, scope, etc. Notwithstanding, we can have an overview or an average of what it would cost to hire a React JS development company. Thereby giving you an idea of what your budget should look like.

According to freelance platform Upwork, the average rate for a remote React JS developer is between $20 -$38 per hour.

React JS language

Rates could be cheaper or much higher, up to $150 per hour. It all depends on expertise and skill set. But this is just an average of what is obtainable. Upwork rates are not location-bound as Upwork allows experts from different parts of the world to offer their services and showcase their portfolios on the platform.

A Glassdoor review indicates that the average rate for a React JS developer is $87 987 per annum. This could be a little less or more.

A statistics review published by relevant sources shows a breakdown of the average cost to hire a React JS developer from selected regions of the world.

Below is an average of monthly and hourly rates as obtainable in the selected countries.


Annual Salary (median)

Hourly wage (median)

United States

120,000 $

57 $

United Kingdom

71,820 $

36 $


110,000 $

56 $


44,284 $

39 $


49,096 $

20 $


44,284 $

31 $


28,990 $

14 $


9,843 $


Rates also depend on the level of experience and expertise of the developer. 

Level of Expertise

Hourly Rate (Average)

Beginner Front-End

$10 - 45

Expert Front-End

$40 - 105

Beginner Back-End

$10 - 45

Expert Back-End

$40 - 105

Full Stack Developer

$33 - 155

The pay for development companies and teams is typically higher. A React JS agency, on the other hand, has the advantages of flexibility, expertise, continuous or post-development support, versatility, and efficiency.

Ready to start your web/app development projects? Get a free estimate within 24 hours.

Types of Collaboration (Models of Hiring)

As with most other professions in recent times, software development can be procured remotely through various freelance platforms and job boards. Along with the traditional method of physically hiring a company, this remains the two most popular models procuring a React JS developer.

Hiring Freelancers Remotely

Hiring remotely can be done by simply accessing any online job board or freelance platform and navigating to the web developer / React JS expert section. There you would come across various individuals and agencies offering these services. You may choose by checking through their profiles, conducting online interviews, and reaching an agreement.

Benefits of hiring a freelancer:

  1. Cheaper rates. Wages of freelance developers are usually lower than employing through a company. This is because you meet different developers from various jurisdictions with varying wage structures and minimum wage requirements.
  2. Access to Multicultural talents. Hiring remotely provides the benefits of meeting talents and experts from every part of the world. Of course, expertise is not dependent on geographical location. However, your project demand may require collaboration with people from certain geographical backgrounds.

Cons of hiring remotely:

  1. Limited expertise. Often, an app or web development process would require various specialists who would work collaboratively for the desired result. Most remote developers try to play master of all to maximize profit, and this could lead to a low-quality finished product or a defective system.
  2. High Chances of deceit. There have been more cases of fraud and deceit by engaging freelance developers than any other means. Although most freelance platforms are actively working to curb the incidences of fraud, they still exist. A rookie developer may fabricate his profile to look like that of an expert, and if properly done, it could mislead anyone.
  3. No Post-development support. Freelance developers are generally in the habit of abandoning a project at the conclusion, only a few offer continuous support services.
react js agency

Hiring a Company

Many tech companies offer React JS development services; you can engage their services by walking into their office space or engaging them through their website.

Benefits of hiring a company:

  1. Reliability and efficiency. Software development companies are more professional in carrying out their duties; hence they are more reliable and efficient.
  2. Experts handle the job. One major advantage of a development company is that they have experts and specialists who handle every major part of a development process. So while a freelancer tries to do it all and probably makes mistakes, a development company comes up with a team of specialists who handles the project expertly.
  3. Post-development services. Most development companies offer continuous services at least for a few months to a few years after launch. This ensures that the software, application, or website is regularly updated, maintained, and improved upon.

Hire a specialized team of React developers to create software that is tailored to your needs.

Cons of Hiring a Company:

  1. Higher service cost. Working with a company is generally more expensive than hiring a freelancer. This is likely because most companies already have set price ranges that they will not go below.
  2. Inadequate quality assessment. Software development firms provide outcomes based on their perception. There are no other means for stakeholders to assess the quality of work done other than what has been provided to them.
  3. Collaborations can be challenging. Bringing different company teams together and aligning them to meet the needs of the client can be difficult. This is especially true for large organizations with existing management complexities.

Why you Should Hire HuskyJam for React JS Project

HuskyJam is widely acknowledged as a leading web development company with expertise in using the React JS architecture. Our team of professionals, which cuts across technical experts and non-technical experts, ensures that we provide a holistic solution to your digital needs using digital tools.

HuskyJam's portfolio and completed projects which can be accessed here, affirms our commitment to quality delivery, versatility, professionalism, and creativity. 

Here is one of our projects using React JS technology, which we implemented from scratch. It was a web platform for a BeautyTech startup. «Book-n-Look» - an aggregator for beauty salons, wellness centers, and private masters. A customer approached us with the idea of implementing a digital project in the beauty industry. The task was to fully develop the product from the idea stage to the launch of the project. 

Another project using React JS is for the educational industry. It’s Open Academy - an educational platform for a Russian bank Otkritie. We’ve made it in the shortest time - two months from scratch. The main purpose of the resulting product was to be the remote education of entrepreneurs or those who want to start their own business. The product was developed using an iterative approach, with the formation of a backlog of tasks, description, and decomposition of the feature list. By the way, Open Academy is developing on an ongoing basis until the current moment.

We wish to point, that our team of experts is not only interested in delivering but ensuring that your digital product continues performing optimally. We stay in touch with our customers and support them.

What keeps HuskyJam on top of our game is the knack to keep learning. That way, we constantly provide recent and creative digital solutions.


As seen on Evans Data Corporation, there were 26,4 million software developers worldwide in 2019, with that figure projected to rise to 27,7 million in 2023 and 28.7 million in 2024. The number of app developers in the United States has hit 4,2 million, putting it in the first place. This means that deciding on a React Js development company to hire might be a little confusing given the plethora of options available, and you won't want to end up with the wrong choice. 

Further, React js provides numerous benefits, such as easing coding, increasing productivity and maintenance throughout the SDLC, and ensuring the fast rendering of robust software. As a result, to fully leverage its advantages and complete a successful project, an experienced developer team is required.

With the right company, you can be confident that your developed software will perform as expected. Better yet, contact HuskyJam for your React JS development needs.

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