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How to Find and Hire Python Development Company: Full Guideline

Python Development Team

Today, Python is currently the most implemented programming language because of its high reliability and ease of use/maintenance when compared to other programming languages. Python is a high-level programming language used for various purposes such as web development, game development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, data visualization, etc.

Therefore, deciding to hire a python development company is a wise choice. Outsourcing a programming/development job has become a huge success for lots of companies globally. It gives direct access to international experienced talent, reduces expenses while enabling your business to focus on other major operations.

However, narrowing down the best external/outsourced talents is a bit difficult. Some of these numerous development companies out there are actually genuine, very experienced, affordable, professional, and reliable. These are the high-quality categories of companies that this article was prepared/written to help you identify and hire.

Where to Begin?

The hardest part of hiring a Python web development company is probably where to start. It’s possible to have a couple of executable ideas, but without the perfect start point, they may fall through the crack. In taking on the very first steps of hiring, the most important questions to ask will be the 3 BIG Ws: what, where, and how. Considering these 3 points, let’s walk you through the process.

1. Identify your needs

According to Jetbrains, more than 20 different global industries such as IT & Software, Science, Education, Finance, Medicine, Manufacturing, Banking, Media, Energy, Retail, etc. require the service of a Python building company.  

The first step towards hiring a Python programming company is to identify your needs. What are you hiring for?

You need to do some research and have proper knowledge of what your company is planning to develop so that you will become very familiar with the terminologies, procedures, techniques, technologies, etc, that are related/ relevant to the product you plan to develop. This knowledge will also help you to easily communicate your needs to the outsourced developers.

Proper knowledge of the product will also help you discover the category of development your product requires, be it software development, or web, or app, or game, or artificial intelligence, or simply scripting, etc. It’s likewise necessary to learn the differences between different programming languages.

There are companies that can develop most or all of these product categories using Python because they have a versatile team of developers who are individually specialized in making one or more of such products.

2. Pricing

Pricing is an unavoidable aspect of searching for a suitable development company. Based on your company's’ revenue and profit margin, your budget for developing a product ultimately determines the type of companies you will consider hiring. If you're a startup, you must've set aside a percentage of the capital for the product.

Some Python development companies are very expensive largely because of their financial backing, age in the industry, their rich client base, the versatility of their team, and their completed works.

The portfolio of some is still brief and young. Therefore, even though they might be able to do quality jobs, they have to be affordable. Some are affordable because of a huge client base that keeps them profitable, thus they remain affordable in order to continue attracting more clients.

The point is that for every budget, there will be various Python development companies available to meet your business needs. Do not hesitate to request a quote.

For example, let's say that you have a project — X (with a specified list of functions). Normally, a freelancer will be asking for a relatively cheaper rate — say up to $1000.

Small to medium-sized enterprises will ask for more and deliver it at prices of around $5,000. On the other hand, a large company may not even take up such a project because it is small or asks for at least $30,000.

As earlier stated, these different pricing quotations are dependent on various factors centered around the Python development companies portfolios, which includes their financial backing/ investment volume, age in the industry, geography, the quality and quantity of their client base, the versatility of their team, and their completed works.

Estimate potential projects — it’s fast and free.

3. Portfolio

After you must've identified some Python development companies who can meet your specific needs, and narrowed the search down to those whose pricing structure fits your budget, the next or sometimes simultaneous step is to take a look at their portfolio. This assessment mostly goes hand in hand with finding out the pricing structure of a Python design company, because some portfolios contain pricing information.

Focus on their previous or ongoing Python development projects. You must diligently go through these projects, identify areas of interest, identify flaws, and even go as far as contacting their clients to know more about their level of satisfaction. Also, check out online reviews and public ratings about the development company.

A company's’ portfolio is almost a mirror image of what they will develop for you, therefore take its assessment very seriously. Unlike during the “identify your needs” period when you might simply take a quick look at the company's “about us” or “list of services” to find out the Python applications they offer. The portfolio review period requires all-around research which must include the company's’ previous and current Python development projects.

Where to Locate Python Development Companies Online

Evansdata.com reports that the number of worldwide software developers in 2019 was 23.9 million. That number is projected to surge to 28.7 million by 2024.

Clearly, the world is not lacking in human resources for building software; however, a vital angle of issues is where to find a Python development company? Let’s give you some examples.

  • GoodFirms is great for studying/analyzing ratings, reviews, plus common QAs of software products and firms.
  • Toptal is a hub for freelance Python software developers, with a bit of information concerning their basic identity, location, level of experience, specialties, etc.
  • Clutch.co This is another prominent site for analyzing reviews and paid advertisements from various firms. Clutch.co users can find data-driven insights into various markets.
  • Appfutura provides its users with precise reviews of digital marketing companies, SEO peers, mobile and web development firms, etc.
  • Upwork is popularly used for recruiting freelancers and agencies. The platform combines several industry contractors to hire.
  • Aciety is largely into flashing Europe-based software companies. You can acquire web/app developers, SEO specialists, digital marketers, to mention a few, from its base.
  • VenturePact A massive talent pool of technophiles can be sourced from VenturePact. It covers just about anything in Information Technology. Users can hire and start their projects right away.

Got any ideas you want to explore? See more of our solutions and how best they fit.

How to Choose a Python Development Company

We have successfully analyzed the whats and wheres of hiring a python developing company; now we will unravel another critical aspect―the hows. Why so? GitHub highlights Python as the top second software language in the world.

Top software languages

It is true that we are in no scarcity of Python development companies, but in hiring one, the quality of experience and so many other factors count. Here are a few ways to go about it.

1. Check out Feedback

From the list of platforms we outlined earlier, one can observe that most are richly informed concerning their clients. Word of mouth is very important because it gives you a significant idea about the reputation of a company, a freelancer, or a team of developers.

In other words, who are you hiring; will they deliver what they have promised; will you have met your needs after paying for their services? Such questions will be answered by reviewing customer feedback. Also, take note that reviews are sometimes tricky. You have to make sure that you get them from legit and trusted sites. You have to go outside your comfort zone to find out what real people are saying.

Make a comprehensive list of your questions, and when you must've selected a good number of opinions on different developers, begin comparing them to ascertain which ones best describe what you need. Once achieved, move into the next stage.

2. Review the Technology Stack

Most developers refer to this term when talking about a collection of software interfaces, systems, and programming languages that support the development of any product. Selecting the best collection of fundamental programming tools is vital during the beginning / initial stages/steps of any programming project.

Let us consider this instance: During the construction of skyscrapers, builders do not begin by installing elevators or the first floor. They begin by constructing a very wide, deep, and firm foundation/ root and with reinforced concrete and steel that will properly hold all other things in place.

For your product, a Tech Stack is equivalent to the foundation or reinforced concrete and steel skeleton of the building construction of a skyscraper. You don't want to hire developers whose foundation, skeleton, or Tech stack will fall apart under pressure.

Your Tech Stack simply contains fundamental properties of your product, including the:

  • Framework
  • Programming language
  • Software system

Developers can program a product using “Python on Django” which can be interpreted as the “Language on Framework”.

Thus, Python is the language, and Django is the framework. Common frameworks include Django, Flask, and Tornado.

Django is highly recommended. It's a high-level, easy-to-use Python framework that ensures quick programming plus neat, practical design. Thousands of organizations including well-known companies like Instagram, Pinterest, and Udemy use Django as their framework.

Immediately you contact the developers you want to outsource your project to, ask them about their Technology Stack.

3. Interview the Python Team

One or multiple interactive sessions of interviews can determine whether you will hire a Python company or not. You have to meet, either virtually or physically, with the team that will develop the product.

Interview python team

If you are not technically inclined or do not have any experience with programming languages or with any prior development, it's best that you delegate the interview to someone with some level of technical knowledge. Thus, the interviewer should ask relevant questions that will identify the hurdles you may come across during and after the development of the product.

You have to find out their level of enthusiasm, willingness to collaborate, and how knowledgeable they are about your project or similar ones. Interviews reveal how interested a Python development firm is in your product. It also shows their confidence level in completing the development on time.

The development team you will interview is surely going to ask you relevant questions concerning the project. As earlier stated, you must be able to communicate a clear description of what your business wants to achieve. Every functionality of the potential product must be taken into account.

Leave no stone unturned in effectively communicating what your business is all about and your specific Python development needs. This enables the developers to have a broad and narrow view of the desired product.

In order to protect the intellectual rights of your company, you can insist that the Python developer signs a Non-disclosure agreement which will hinder them from sharing or using your business model. A clear description of what you need makes it easy for the development company to assign their best employees to your project.

You might be given one, two, or more developers, depending on your business needs. Don't be defensive or push away when the development team begins to suggest ideas concerning the Python development solution. This high level of interest is a good indication that the company wants to improve your development solution. Their suggestions are most likely based on a rich background of experience. Try to synchronize with the developers so as to create a seamless connection for communicating, information exchange, and constant project review.


There are lots of outstanding companies to choose from but it’s not just an easy search in Google. Choosing and hiring an ideal Python development company for your business needs is a process that requires diligent research and analysis. A wrong decision can crumble the business’ reputation or operations, so you can't afford to be careless by giving out the project to just anyone.

At HuskyJam, we really enjoy working with the Python programming language and our team of experts is diverse and versatile. And you know what, in our opinion, is one of the most important tips in finding and building the right communication with Python developers? We recommend you to involve either an external expert who will help to verify the contractor or, even better, an employee of your company who has an expert opinion on Python. 

For us will be honor to be on the shortlist of companies you contact! We work closely with the client by carefully selecting and assigning dedicated team members who will focus solely on the product being developed until it is completed and launched. Take an in-depth look at some of the products here.

Our experience as a Python development company is more than 100 products ranging from less complex websites to complex distributed systems for different business sectors as Edu-tech,  Healthcare, Fin-Tech, BeautyTech, etc. Just drop up us a message with your question, we keep up with all information about Python.

Ready to kickstart talks about your next development plans? Contact us for further discussion!

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