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How to Create a Clubhouse-Like App for the Education Industry?

How to build an app like clubhouse

These days, one can access a wide variety of social media platforms, and every developer makes efforts to create something outstanding that will attract as many users as possible. The market is intensely competitive, so it should be a brilliant idea, indeed. 

Clubhouse became one of the most popular apps in 2021, and the number of downloads is the best proof – more than 2.3 million people started using the online platform. After this breathtaking success, many popular communication platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter turned to developing and improving voice-chat functions. Voice-chat apps are now becoming a major trend.

This kind of application could also be ideal for the education industry because it is interactive and creative enough to keep consumers engaged. Consequently, many developers wonder how to create a mobile app like Clubhouse so that educators would want to use it. 

Read this article to learn what you can do to develop an equally good online service.

Is Clubhouse an App?

Clubhouse is a social media app that allows users to join a wide range of rooms and communicate with each other through voice chat. New members can access numerous rooms opened by others as soon as they get registered and add their names and profile photos. 

All rooms in this voice-chatting app are concentrated around the user who created them, and anyone can become one of the participants and join the on-going conversation. When you enter a room, your microphone will be muted automatically. However, it's still possible to “raise your hand” – and then unmute it yourself after the host approves your request. 

The distinguishing thing about Clubhouse is that no one can access it without an invitation. This fact makes the application not only unique and exclusive but suitable for e-learning as well.

How Does the Clubhouse App Operate?

What sets Clubhouse apart is that communication is audio-based. With this app, consumers can only share interesting content via voice notes. It means that users cannot send videos or images, so their voice is the only means they have to express their feelings, thoughts, and views. 

Consequently, Clubhouse contributes to healthy interaction, as people are not attracted because of someone’s appearance – they are attracted to someone’s mind. This peculiarity makes the mobile app outstanding, so you should consider it if you want to create a Clubhouse-like app. 

A Brief Note on Statistics

Clubhouse app was launched in April 2020 by a startup founded by Paul Davidson and Ronald Seth. Davidson has been working on social media apps since 2012. A huge part of Clubhouse's success started with Andreessen Horowitz, who invested over $10 mln in this newly emerged startup, estimated at $100 mln.

Soon after that, the number of Clubhouse's registered users jumped up. According to data provided by Statista, for January 2021, the number of active users was 2 mln per week, which means it tripled in less than a year. Today the estimated value of Clubhouse reached $1 bln.

Monetization Strategies

The monetization strategy is among the top-priority issues that you should address if you aim to create a successful learning application and start an app like Clubhouse. It's also helpful to estimate the potential consumer's interests and paying ability, and pick one of the below methods:

  • Freemium. Thanks to this model, customers can download and install your mobile application free of charge. Then, they can pay for premium features or get a premium account;
  • Paid. The strategy is rather straightforward, and it differs from the previous one because consumers need to pay to use your online platform;
  • In-app purchases. In this case, people can pay for various advanced features;
  • Ads. When you build an app like Clubhouse, you can utilize ads in one of the following ways:
  1. CPA (Cost per action). Advertisers provide payment when consumers finish a target action, e.g., subscribing to a newsletter or installing an app.
  2. CPM (Cost per mile). This method implies receiving money from advertisers for a certain number of actions done by users of the platform.
  3. CPC (Cost per click). You can charge advertisers each time someone interacts with their ads in your application.

Reasons to Make an Investment in Clubhouse-Like App Development

Modern people's lives are inseparable from social media, and lockdowns only add to this tendency. It is also necessary to introduce straightforward online platforms that can meet consumer expectations, and many entrepreneurs got interested in such apps. Besides, we all have seen the digital transformation examples in education where many students had to use online platforms to study. 

Starting a social media app like Clubhouse for e-learning gives a potential to attract users and benefit the owner.

  • Audio-only format strongly appeals to adult audiences who are willing to study while engaging in other activities like sports or commuting.
  • Easy and low-cost content creation. Sharing knowledge through a voice chat does not require much investment compared to developing online courses, and therefore can attract more educators with different backgrounds.
  • Unique content and FOMO effect. The attractiveness of listening to experts giving unique talks in real-time was already proven by Clubhouse. In the specific field of e-learning, it has tremendous potential, as users are initially motivated to improve their competitiveness.
  • Various possibilities for monetization, like developing premium features or partnerships with educational institutions.

If you have just an idea to develop an app like Clubhouse, feel free to contact our team of experts to get advice on how to do it.

How Clubhouse-Like Applications Can Be Useful for Education Industry?

If you start an app like Clubhouse, you will soon realize that many consumers go from one room to another to learn more about a certain topic or to find more information that can help in their studying or work. Some users have even created groups for educators and lead scheduled discussions, and these are benefits of e-learning.

There is a wide range of topics they are actively discussing in Clubhouse, and a few of them are:

  • Supporting Black male educators;
  • Addressing teacher shortages;
  • School vs. education;
  • How the media portrays teachers.

Educators can also utilize the audio-based conversations app to connect with one another and have meaningful talks, build their personal brands, and share their experiences. Thus, this kind of application can be extremely useful not only for students but for teachers as well.

make an app like clubhouse

Why Does Voice Chat Work for Education?

If you consider making an app like Clubhouse for education, it's better to develop a clear vision of the online platform’s key features:

  • Onboarding. New members must provide their first names along with a profile image when signing up. When this step is finished, they can become a participant in any room they like.
  • User profiles. The application does not require its customers to make up fancy descriptions, so they only need to add a name, a photo, and a brief introduction.
  • Feed. The feed displays a list of rooms, potentially amusing or useful to consumers.
  • Clubs. These are groups started by customers around certain topics. Thanks to them, members can find people with the same goals, opinions, and hobbies.
  • Search. Using the Search filter, one can find users with mutual interests.
  • Upcoming for you. This functionality helps customers to be aware of events that will take part beforehand, and they can even choose to get notified of certain events.
  • Activity. It is nothing more than a history of activities on a member account. In this section, one can find new users and who is following upcoming events.
  • Notifications. The functionality aims to help users to stay informed about all the events happening in the voice-only social media app instantly, such as new participants entering a room or a discussion being started.

At HuskyJam, we have the required expertise to help you design, develop, and succeed with your educational project. Check out our project portfolio to see for yourself. Please, fill in our contact form to start the solution development rolling.

Is It Possible to Make an App Like Clubhouse for Education?

Before you begin figuring out how to build an app like Clubhouse, it's important to realize that each application is one and only on its own, which implies that the process of creating one from scratch can differ. Furthermore, it's necessary to consider the tech stack, backend architecture, and other components, which we will describe below.

Clubhouse Tech Stack

If your aim is an innovative online platform, then you should be ready to invest in an impressive mobile development stack. It means that you will be utilizing various programming languages, hosting platforms, CDN (Content Delivery Network), tools, frameworks, etc.

Clubhouse, for example, makes use of 54 technology services and products, like Google Analytics, HTML5, jQuery, and more.

Clubhouse Backend Architecture

Clubhouse iOS app utilizes three platform-based services:

  • Clubhouse API (based on Cloudflare)
  • Agora RTC (for voice conversation)
  • PubNub (for messaging)

At the beginning of 2021, Clubhouse backend services suddenly became a matter of public concern. Cybersecurity researchers from Stanford had found out that Shanghai-based startup Agora Inc. may have access to the user's data, including raw audio.

After the accident, Clubhouse publicly promised to cut out pings transmission to Chinese servers, and add some improvements to the encryption. If you are going to create a social media app like Clubhouse and use third-party backend services, it would be reasonable to consider end-to-end encryption from the very beginning.

Also, think about the backend architecture model beforehand:

  • Making a monolithic app at the MVP stage may seem like a time-saving strategy. It will be convenient to write and test the simple app with only the basic function set. However, in the long run, this kind of architecture will significantly limit your possibilities of adding new features. Also, any accidental bug could potentially throw everything out of order, and it may be pretty difficult to find and fix it.
  • Distributing the functionality between several microservices will make your app more flexible and resilient. It will give you the possibility to divide the development and maintenance of each service between specialized teams, making it easier to identify and fix small bugs. However, initial development and testing will require much more time. Managing interconnections between services will create additional difficulties as well.

What Features for E-Learning Needs Must be in The App Like Clubhouse?

Your clients’ willingness to develop and educate themselves should be your priority, so you need to create a great mobile app that can let them train at their own pace. That is why you need to keep in mind the below features when you create your own app like Clubhouse:

  1. Intuitive user interface. No one wants to spend a lot of time trying to understand where the necessary features are, so they tend to avoid using too complicated platforms. Hence, it is crucial to offer an application that is user-friendly and straightforward.
  2. Push notifications. Thanks to pushing notifications, a non-intrusive method of delivering important information, the communication channel between you and your consumer is always open. Moreover, because learners can see the notification without interaction on their end, there are more chances to keep them engaged.
  3. Gamification. When you create a social media app like Clubhouse, you should bear in mind that an application for e-learning that does not have gamification features will be less interesting. They usually ignore this functionality during education app development, so your app will stand out in a crowd.
  4. In-app communication. It is essential for users to be able to communicate with each other while learning because they can support one another this way. Hence, they tend to look for platforms that let them take part in group discussions. Clubhouse is a voice-based social media app, so its members can collaborate for group assignments, for example, which explains its popularity.

5 Steps to Building a Platform Similar to Clubhouse

The following steps should help you develop an application that will attract many new users and is suitable for the education industry:

  1. Find a unique idea that would distinguish your application from Clubhouse itself and other similar apps. You can do some brainstorming to collect several ideas — they are yet to be tested.
  2. Do the research of both the market and target audience. Determine the needs of customers and adjust your idea(s) to it if needed. Then, outline the desired functionality to meet those needs.
  3. Develop an MVP that would incorporate the essential functionality you've determined in the previous step. Don't get absorbed with finding fancy ways to do it; just cover the essentials.
  4. Launch the MVP version and see how your target audience reacts to your idea. Collect feedback to improve the app’s shortcomings. In this step, you may try to add new features.
  5. Keep updating your product and communicating with the users. Search for different ways to advertise your product and broaden the audience.

Is Clubhouse-Like App for Education Needs Costly?

If you want a technically sound product to be the outcome of your work, then you should always opt for a professional developer, and they tend to be expensive. Meanwhile, it is not the only thing you are required to do if a high-quality application is your goal. So, the cost of a platform like Clubhouse is connected with a few factors:

  • Team size;
  • Design and interface;
  • The agency’s location:
  • Functionalities and features to be offered.

It is strongly recommended to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) first to avoid wasting money on a product intended for education purposes. However, this could be difficult if you don’t understand how to make a social media app like Clubhouse before you do that.

One of the questions bothering many is, “How much will it cost to develop an app like Clubhouse?” The price can range anywhere from $15,000 - $250,000. The exact amount will depend on both desired functionality and developer's location (which determines salary rates).

As for software engineers, the average hourly rates by region in 2021 are as follows:

  •  Africa: $22-$30
  •  Asia: $24-$35
  •  Eastern Europe: $30-$40
  •  Latin America: $30-$47 

For comparison, in both North America and Western Europe, rates would start from $40-60. The fluctuations in rates are caused by differences in the developer's level or proficiency and the difficulty of the task.

The MVP version of an app with the most basic features can be written in about 400 hours, which places the starting price at around $10,000. However, this will include only a very basic set of features like:

  • Sign-up (with email only)
  • Audio calls
  • Group chats

The development hours will increase several times if you add more features like:

  • Integration with social media
  • Activity feed
  • Contact lists
  • Adding/editing profile photos
  • Payments

It's also important to remember that additional costs will go to UI/UX design ($25-100 per hour with at least 20 hours needed for the simplest design).

After all, consider the following areas:

  • QA (about +10% to development cost)
  • Project management +20%
  • Maintenance +20%


Nowadays, everyone is using at least one social media service, so the market keeps growing and offering a wide variety of applications. So, why don’t you create your own app like Clubhouse? Or maybe you are interested to start an Edtech company, then here you can find useful information.

Despite that it may appear that the market is oversaturated, there are still new online services that can surprise people. Clubhouse stands out because it does not allow users to send videos or photos. The only means of communication in this application is their voice, and this peculiarity made it extremely successful.

The education industry also requires unique applications that can help people study faster and better. That is why you can always study how to develop a unique online service and make a social networking app like Clubhouse. It can be your best decision ever! Finding a reliable provider of mobile application development services will contribute to your future success.

Ready to try? Why not!

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What is Clubhouse?

It happens to be a mobile application accessible to Apple users only. Using the platform, people are allowed to communicate with each other through audio clips instead of text, videos, or pictures. Thanks to this, consumers can express their feelings and share their opinions more clearly.

What is the key feature of Clubhouse?

The key feature of this online service is its numerous rooms. Customers are allowed to open several rooms where they can interact with others. Furthermore, it is possible to get into a room due to your interests and hobbies that can make the discussion even more entertaining.

How does the speaker on Clubhouse operate?

When you finish speaking, you should wait for around two seconds before you mute your microphone. The reason is that you might cut your voice note off before you finish it.

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