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Advantages of React JS and Why We Like It [Based on Our Experience]

pros and cons of react js

Why do we tend to use fancy-looking apps? They might even be less “charged” from the technology point of view, but if they feel nice, we’re trapped by them. What makes people spend over 2 hours per day on Instagram or Facebook?

As by HootSuite research, today  Instagram has the 4th most users of any mobile app. Whenever they interact with the app, it makes them feel smooth doing their tasks, and they just love their experience. Ok, why are we talking about it now? We’re here today to have a deep look inside the front-end development process and figure out why we in HuskyJam vote for React JS over all the other programming languages. 

What are the advantages of React Javascript? What is React JS? It is one of the most popular JavaScript open-source libraries that is used to develop quick-to-respond interactive user interfaces for web and mobile applications.

The most popular applications in the world are built using React JS (don’t tell you don’t know these names) - Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Netflix. And we love it too! Nevertheless, its alternatives - Vue JS or React Native or Jquery - are all good, developing with React JS has many indisputable advantages that make our team choose it almost every time we have an application development project. A recent survey by StackOverflow shows that React JS is the #1 library that leaves all the others well being.

Why is React JS so Popular?

Could Jordan Walke (Facebook developer who created this library 10 years ago) imagine that it will become that popular?

Nobody doubts the numerous benefits of React JS. Initially, this framework is meant to be used to create single-page applications, but it also makes it possible for developers to build web applications that can change or update the data without page reloading.  Developers can use the same components several times. This is why it is incomparably easier to use this programming language when it comes to applications creation.

React JS is far more flexible and less complex compared to any other front-end development framework. Software developers only need to be well familiar with HTML and JavaScript to start using React JS. It’s no surprise that React JS is used in almost half of all the world’s websites (46.4%, Web Technology Surveys data, image source ).

benefits of react js

React JS was listed first in the ranking of the “Most loved and wanted web frameworks” - a poll among the world’s leading developers made by StackOverflow company.

Millions of developers trust React JS because of its stability and security. React JS has a set of fancy-looking designs accompanied by great development and debugging tools. It is declarative and simple, supports server-side, it’s extensive and really fast - no surprise it beats the competition.

Eager to learn how React JS can make your mobile or web application “the next Instagram”? Drop us a line, we’ll be fast to react!

5 Advantages of React JS

When you are deciding what to choose while looking at two rather equal things like BMW or Mercedes - Benz or holidays in Seychelles or Maldives, you have two good options and just decide which one you like more. With React JS, the situation is different. Of course, there are pros and cons of React JS, but it has several indispensable advantages that put it one level up above all the others. 

So let’s have a deeper look at the advantages of using React JS over other front-end frameworks and libraries.

1. It boosts productivity

Updating an application is somewhat crucial for both developers and users. When users get notifications saying that their app needs to be updated, it's a little stressful. And if you tend to do it quite often, this stress becomes bigger, which in turn becomes a serious issue for developers. All popular applications have a rather complex structure and logic. When changes are made there, they usually affect the greater part of the structure. 

React JS has the feature of component reusability that allows software engineers to redeploy the same digital objects. Why is it so cool? Having this opportunity, developers can add different components and move them to a wrapper that moves them directly to the root component. Component reusability allows the manipulation of React JS components and as the result boosts the overall productivity of application development. 

2. Faster Rendering

At the beginning of each project, developers define the application's structure, as it has a powerful impact on the overall app performance in the future. React JS has the concept of V-DOM (Virtual Document Object Model) that helps to avoid bloody mistakes when some bug in the app structure later on ruins the whole thing. 

How it works: there is a virtual representation of a UI that is planned in the very beginning. It is kept in memory and serves as a benchmark for the actual DOM. The name of this process is reconciliation. This is how declarative API works - developers indicate what UI they would like to see, and React JS will ensure the DOM has the correct state. 

It allows developers to test all changes virtually and estimate possible risks for each modification, which results in faster application performance and a better user experience. 

3. Stable code

The object-based structure of React JS code makes it possible for developers to make changes in objects simply by modifying their state, thus only a particular object is changed. This approach allows amending minor components while the major structure is not affected.  This process is called downward data flow. It gradually enhances code stability and the overall performance of applications.

4. Saves time & money

Every development project has its timing and cost. If it is possible to reduce development time and preserve the same level of quality and reasonable budget - it becomes a win-win combination. React JS is easy to learn, hence there are many good-level developers who can quickly create projects for businesses, and the price will not scratch the ceiling. 

React JS  framework has a set of development tools (React and Chrome) that discover child and parent components, check the hierarchies and examine the current state of code objects. 

In addition to what was said, React JS boasts an extensive community around, and there are numerous experts who share different tutorials, so you can always get fast and professional advice from a simple google search. 

Altogether, these factors make React JS one of the most cost and time-efficient solutions. 

5. SEO friendly

Most companies, when they decide that they need an application, say that it is to be at most SEO friendly. What does it mean? As by MOZ, SEO depends on the load page time - if it is low and the rendering speed is fast, the application will have a better ranking in Google. 

As React JS has better rendering, it ensures a considerably lower page load time, which is definitely a great contribution to getting into higher rank positions on Google Search Engine Result Page.

We are sure React JS can bring more benefits to your business. Let’s see together how. Contact our team to learn how.

Why is choosing React JS for the Next Project a Good Idea?

BuiltWith.com says that today over 100K websites use React - that’s an impressive figure for rather a young library. Why is it so popular? No other library makes it more simple to create a smooth, working frontend for a web application.

In addition to the advantages that we’ve already listed, there are some points that will lead you to the decision to develop an application with React JS. The first and the most important one is that it helps to build rich user interfaces. The better UI your application has, the more users will be with you. Instagram and Facebook constantly invest in UI upgrading. 

Another reason why you will choose React JS is its syntax. It has JSX - a syntax extension that makes it possible to create custom components. Developers appreciate it for the reason that these components accept HTML quoting. React JS allows writing custom components, developing high-volume applications and converting HTML mockups into ReactElement trees.

As Facebook developers, the authors of React  JS,  say, it was designed for “building large scale apps with data that changes over time”. This library will contribute greatly to the time+budget efficiency when it comes to:

  • single page applications (SPAs);
  • large scale projects;
  • dynamic page updating applications (such as chat apps, graphic sketching, data visualizations, like stocks info, or even online games); and
  • complex UIs.

The framework has great credentials. Paypal, NASA, Airbnb, Tesla, Netflix, BBC and many more big names are already with React JS.

Your company will perfectly fit the list above. Drop us a line to make a quick estimation of the scope and budget for your next project in React JS!

Why Do We Choose React JS?

The Husky Jam team has its own love story with React JS. Come and see our best cases in React JS. We have already developed over 50 projects with this framework.

One of our projects using React JS technology, which we implemented from scratch, is a web platform for a BeautyTech startup. «Book-n-Look» - an aggregator for beauty salons, wellness centers, and private masters. A customer approached us with the idea of implementing a digital project in the beauty industry. The task was to fully develop the product from the idea stage to the launch of the project. The product was intended to unite locations of beauty salons, private masters (cosmetologists, hairdressers, etc.) and end-users of such services.

Together with our clients, we’ve listed the key reasons to start the project with React JS:

  • Easy to predict what the result will look like (thanks to V-DOM) 
  • Faster development period and higher application efficiency 
  • Strong community support 
  • Flexibility. React is much easier to maintain and much more flexible (thanks to its modular structure)


React JS has a long list of advantages in the modern front-end development and quite a little criticism around it, it’s easy to learn and technology-wise, allows to do more compared to Angular or Vue. As by our experience, other front-end frameworks and libraries allow us to develop many good things, but from the cost and budget efficiency standpoint, React JS is optimal. With it, developers build interfaces that can have a higher level of customization to the needs of companies and be more user-friendly. It can be regarded as Facebook's legacy as they invest a lot into the understanding of customers' needs and interests, and all the technologies they develop are aimed to reflect and predict the needs of its users. 

That’s why we do believe React JS brings more benefits to both businesses and applications users. And that’s why we believe it can become your choice for the next project!

Share with us your ideas about the application you need and we’ll be fast to offer an optimal solution!

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