Our team

We embed modern experiences and ideas

We work with clients from all over the world using hi-tech technologies, advanced frameworks and programming languages

Our principles and values

  • Solutions for customers business issues, not just write code

    We are committed to a comprehensive view to the projects and issues. Our goal is to solve current business requests with the help of digital tools.

  • Outstanding user experience

    A launched product is aimed at its users, and not a specific person in the development team. User experience research and analytics are key components of a successful digital solution.

  • Constantly training and improving skills

    The world is developing and technology is running with it. In order to offer the best modern solutions to our Clients and anticipate trends, we are in a constant process
    of learning new technologies and skills.

Our project workflow

  • Project evaluation
    • Accurate pricing
    • Project expert questions
    • Preparation of options
  • Preparation of a project plan and requirements approval
    • Flexible work schedule for project requirements
    • Launching projects with iterations / releases
    • Integration of development into the general timing of Client activities
  • Development
    • Iterative development
    • Timelines adequate to business objectives and context
    • Full synchronization with customer business processes
  • Product iterative testing
    • Functional testing
    • Auto tests
    • Stress Testing
  • Final preparation and launch
    • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery
    • Modern technology deployment of projects
  • Project support
    • 2 year warranty on all projects
    • Project monitoring 24/7
    • Technical support team

Our team leads

Many years of experience in the development, project management and workflow, consulting. Our team is the key to success in implementing the most daring and complex ideas

  • Alex


    CEO & Founder
  • Anna


    Frontend Team Lead
  • Anton


    Backend Team Lead
  • Denis


    Project Manager
  • Sergey


    Project Manager
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